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And he is planing for the girls of DC to help him with that, starting with Wonder Woman. Robin broke Starfires heart but now eight years have passed and he is still not making up for it.

Commandeering the prototype Cerberus stealth ship he was meant to destroy, the Ravishing rogue defects from the Alliance & starts living the hedonistic carefree lifestyle of a pirate. When Centorea flees the Kimihito house with Kurusu, she accidently avoids taking a wrong turn and ends up at the park. BMWW.(Sexually explicit) Warning, when I say there is explicit sexual content. With some twists and turns and violent descriptions. Can Bruce and Diana save their family and marriage? Cerberus Operative Miranda Lawson concocts a bold plan to ensure mankind's ascendance into galactic greatness. All that is left is for him to climb the temple steps to the royal bedchambers and claim his prize. After much deliberation, she decides to pursue him for a serious relationship. A world where Joe Chill didn't meet the Waynes in that dark alley.

With the help of their son, they must learn to integrate into the bright and diverse culture of Earth from the cold and sterile Krypton. Batman develops an alternative kind of treatment and decides to use it to try and rehabilitate Harley Quinn. What if Kara Zor-El was eighteen years old rather than 'sweet sixteen' when she'd arrived on Earth and Kara and Bruce Wayne found that opposites most certainly do attract? Batman/Supergirl(BM/WW Wedding-fic) When Batman finally gathers the courage to ask Wonder Woman to marry him, the Dark Knight gets more than he bargained for when the entire League decided to pitch in and help plan their impending nuptials – contains fluff, random humour, a temperamental Amazon princess, drunken bachelor-party escapades, and various attempts on Superman's life! When Ryoko wakes up one day pregnant she seeks out Washu and it is thanks to that mysterious pregnancy, Ryoko and Washu are able to work out their differences.

Though how well the therapy will take, or if it will be successful at all is up to Batman's ability to deal with Harley's insanity as well as her connection to the Joker. This will be a series of short stories starting around the Dark Spiral Saga, starting with issue 80, mostly featuring Raven Hex though there will be some exceptions. 8th/17) 'Night of Owls, Part 2', This all started with a Cheetah and a Bat, but who knows where it will end? He will find allies and enemies alike in places he least expected, while the Ancient evil is lurking in the shadows and plotting the demise of all worlds. Alternate Universe-Three planets: Earth, Krypton and Gaia exist together in one galaxy with different cultures and some shaky alliances. AU of mainstream universe; Hellion and X-23 at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning (Wat XM). After a bad gamble, Selina finds herself in trouble with a mob boss, and when a certain caped crusader gets in the way she ends up in Arkham Asylum. Will Selina survive the night when every lunatic, murderer, and psychopath is loose? What if Ichigo had the power to control more that one Zanpakuto?

3 interwoven love stories: Dom/Maria, Baird/Mary Sue, and Marcus/Anya. CHAPTERS SET IN THE PAST GO BACKWARDS ALONG THE TIMELINE. The team goes to Gothby, a coffee cafe shop and Batman becomes the theme!

Rated "M" for sensuality, strong language, gore and disturbing material. (Rated M for intimate descriptions) [Update: Chapter 16 posted and chapters 1-15 adjusted.]A series of random one-shots of YJ team bonding moments while playing a game called "Three Words". A series of ominous incidents brings Councilor Tevos and Aria T'Loak back into surreptitious collaboration.

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I'd guess most bullet and lube groove designs have resulted from lots of cut and try to find what works best in some test guns, but not in as many as would be ideal to be definitive in the matter.

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Our dedicated Switch Squad take the hassle out of moving providers.

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Tarifold pro est une marque du groupe t3l, entreprise internationale de taille humaine.

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In instances where pain is substantial, a person may want to use a non-prescription discomfort medicine or use ice and/or warm therapy.